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About NEUQs

The Helpdesk For Everyone

NEUQs is Help Desk Software, built in Microsoft Silverlight, in 2011. NEUQs offer a┬árobust cloud-based Help Desk Software solution with a user experience that’s simple and effective, providing the most efficient and timely service to you customers.

The Mission Behind NEUQs

NEUQs cloud-based Help Desk Software was developed by its parent company, Neustro Consulting, who provide IT and business system support. Within Neustro’s customer base are a number of International companies, who rely on the expertise and knowledge of Neustro’s IT experts and consultants. This has been harnessed to create NEUQs, which is a powerful, purpose-built cloud-based Help Desk Software that helps IT Support companies or internal IT departments provide focused, quality support to their clients and users.

What Makes NEUQs Different?

NEUQs has a fresh, innovative approach to cloud-based Help Desk Software based on simplicity and ease of use. With a small amount of training, you can become a professional NEUQs cloud-based Help Desk Software user effortlessly, mastering your support channels.

Due to NEUQs being completely cloud-based, you can access it from any computer straight from the NEUQs dashboard in your web browser – no more downloading large files, no more unsecured networks.